We’ve all heard about tattooing and some of us have considered getting at least one. However, how many of us know what the actual tattooing process is like? Of course, we might know the basics – the insertion of ink into the skin using a needle with the end result being an image of

The History of Sailor Jerry

  The one name that instantly crops up in our mind when we talk about tattoo artistry is, the great ‘Sailor Jerry’. Born as Norman Keith Collins on January 14, 1911, Jerry was an eminent figure in the world of tattoo artists. The fact that he was extensively involved with tattooing sailors resulted in Collins

Ten Tattoo Ideas for Men’s Arms

  Arms are one of the most tattooed parts of the body. Most people who want to get bigger tattoos start with the arms, usually the outer part of the upper arms. For men, it is also a great way to enhance the sharpness of musculature in the arms. Any design can be tattooed just

Ten Heart Melting Sister Tattoos

The relationship between sisters is a complex one, and is difficult if not impossible, to describe in words. Images and symbols too sometimes do not do justice to the bond that sisters share. It is a relationship that is as loving and playful as it is complicated. Beautifully designed sister tattoos Most sister tattoos are

Nine Essential Tips For Tattoo Aftercare

Tattoos are becoming increasingly commonplace, with more and more people getting inked every day. However, getting a tattoo is only the first step. You need to care for your tattoo and follow certain steps to keep it looking fresh and new for longer. How should you take care of freshly inked tattoos? What are the

Ten Tattoo Ideas for Friendship

  Friendships are the relationships that you make during your lifetime, and you may be lucky to find that one person who knows you more than anyone else – your best friend. These special friends are called best friends forever, or BFFs, and it is always great to know that there is someone you an

How Much Does it Hurt to Get a Tattoo

An apprehension and fear that most people have before getting their first tattoo done is, does it hurt a lot? It is a question that most people have, although few can give you a good answer. Will you be crying out with pain? Will you feel pain at all? Will you be able to take

Beginner’s guide to tattoos

Most people go through a stage where they want to get a tattoo, but there is always a seed of doubt in their hearts. They are filled with a list of ‘what if’ questions and dilemmas about how to do it. If you want to get a tattoo, it will do you good to read

Popular Tattoos And Their Meanings

Tattoos are becoming increasingly popular, with people of both sexes and all ages going and getting themselves inked. Although tattooing has been around since centuries, if not longer, designs people choose today are very different and unique. Some are inspired by ancient cultures and traditions, while some are modern and abstract designs. These are a

Carlos Costa gets a Sorry Mom tattoo

The day when Carlos Costa got the Sorry Mom logo tattooed! How do you like this? Do you know anyone who should get the Sorry Mom logo tattooed?

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson Tattoos

Dwayne Johnson is more famously known as “The Rock” from his WWF days in the ring. It has been a while though since he left that career to make a name for himself in Hollywood. With a range of movies in different genres, from comedy to action and drama, Johnson has proven himself to be

Behind the scenes with Carola Deutsch

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