Sorry Mom™ Tattoo Aftercare Products

Our collection of Sorry Mom™ Tattoo Aftercare Products is specially developed for professional tattoo artists, tattoo collectors, and tattooed people. The collection contains everything needed from the immediate purpose of healing a new, fresh tattoo, to products for a longer and healthier life of the tattoo.

The Aftercare Kit

Our Aftercare Kit includes all you need for proper healing & long term aftercare!

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Original Tattoo Balm™

Award-winning balm for regeneration and protection of new tattoos.Our original formula Tat

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Tattoo Lotion

The lotion that makes your tattoos look fresh. Hydrating and protective lotion for daily u

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Tattoo Foam Soap

Disinfects and washes blood and excess ink off easily. Perfect for process and aftercare.

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Tattoo Film (Small roll)

Regenerative and protective tattoo film for new tattoosBreathable, waterproof and perfect

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Tattoo Film

Regenerative and protective tattoo film for new tattoosBreathable, waterproof, and perfect

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Vegan Process & Aftercare Butter

The latest addition to the Sorry Mom family. Our VEGAN Process & Aftercare Butter. Develop

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Tattoo Sunscreen

Protect and preserve your tattoos with our water-resistant SPF 30 sunscreen. Shield your t

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Sorry Mom Tattoo creme

All Sorry Mom products are developed with our mission in mind, aiming for nothing less than perfection for tattoo professionals and tattoo lovers.

Sorry Mom aims to increase the quality of the tattoo community, through enlightenment, production and distribution of tailor-made products and by promoting the beautiful art of tattoos with a strong quality-minded approach.